Our Mission:

To revitalize business operations and market growth strategies in the medical, cosmetic, and surgical industries.

We use our “Confidence Scale” philosophy to help business owners analyze and define their strategic approach in the following areas of their business:

  • Business Goals
  • Clinic Brand
  • Collaboration
  • Digital Marketing
  • The Patient Journey
  • HR & Staffing
  • New Revenue Streams

By making minor adjustments in our client’s approach and strategic thinking to the areas above we can guarantee success in their professional and personal life.

“The health of your business is our business”

The TRD Team:

Nathan Strom


Sport, family, educating (Key Note Speaking) and strategic growth have been the core pillars that have always got Nathan out of bed in the morning. His tenacious spirit to progress in these areas has given him a great balance to be where he is today.
Over the last 19 years in his professional career he has achieved great success owning his own business, working in business development, educating & consulting, marketing, Key Note Speaking, business coaching, and sales. If you have had the opportunity to meet Nathan, he is not one to do things at a slow pace. You will get to see his passion and excitement from the onset in almost everything he does.
His professional attitude is always striving for the best for his clients and his own brand.  The Revenue Doctors has been an opportunity for Nathan to help take business owners, industry corporations, and staff all over North America to a level they never imagined.  Whether Nathan is consulting with patients on their new “SKIN HEALTH PLAN”, coaching and educating staff, Key Note Speaking across North America or coaching business owners, Nathan brings a level of professionalism and energy that is contagious.  The medical aesthetic industry is a fast paced environment made for individuals with a certain “X FACTOR”.  Once you get to know Nathan on a professional or personal level you will soon realize he is one of a kind.

George Scandalis


A deep passion for product and technical knowledge has driven George’s professional development in the cosmetic dermatology and medical aesthetics space.   

An early interest in cosmetics has led to over 12 years growing a deep and practical knowledge base in medical aesthetic technology and injectables, and a scientific understanding of skin care. George has been a top sales and business development professional with leading brands, eventually developing successful go-to-market strategies to drive revenues and increase customer retention, and winning multiple awards. He develops plans from patient consultation to completion, and understands clinic operations and challenges, as a previous medispa owner himself.

He is sharing his knowledge with the next generation of medical aestheticians as a Teacher at Centennial College.

George also has a passion for the arts, is a stage actor, playwright, director and most recently a published author.  He founded a production company in 2015 and has successfully staged several productions of original works and a community based artist expo and events.

His creativity and strong foundation in the industry will ensure your business reaches its ultimate potential.


Katerina Tsekarea

Director of Projects

Katerina Tsekareas brings over 15 years office management to her role as Director of Projects at The Revenue Doctors. Well-organized, detail oriented, with a solid work ethic and proven ability to meet the most strenuous of deadlines makes her the perfect fit.  Katerina strives to motivate teams to create effective and well established infrastructure to all aspects of administrative needs. Displaying exceptional leadership and mentorship, Katerina brings an energy to all our clients that cannot be compared. 
Outside of the office she is passionate for the arts and theatre as well as travel. Katerina takes an active role in charity work and volunteering her time to non-profit organizations and fund raising initiatives. Her favourite human is George. Her favourite dog is Honey (George’s dog).

Mike Wilkinson

Creative Director

Mike Wilkinson is the Creative Director for all digital content at The Revenue Doctors.  Mike was the perfect addition to The Revenue Doctors, as he has established himself as an expert in graphic design with over 15 years experience.  Hardworking, ambitious and driven, he is continually striving to learn and do more!  No two jobs and/or clients are the same and Mike delivers original content tailored to each partnership. This talent is exemplified by his creative work and design with websites.  His online portfolio of work is now expanding even further with TRD, as he’s forging new paths to drive clients and revenue directly to our clients through their online presence, including; social media channels, Google, online booking systems, etc. 

Mike and his wife Colleen pride themselves on exceptional time management and organization as they both balance their professional careers with their busy family life as proud parents to three beautiful children. It wouldn’t be a true bio for Mike if it didn’t mention his love of hockey, rugby and golf.

Ritoban Ghosh

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ritoban is a people’s person at heart with a ‘Never Settle’ motto. He is a digital marketing enthusiast and comes with over 13 years of experience in the dynamic field of ‘Digital’. Ritoban is also an Executive MBA candidate with the University of Ottawa to harness his business skills. Whether it is a brand’s search ranking issues or understanding of the complex paid advertising or overall challenges with a brand’s digital marketing footprints, Ritoban’s rich experience enables him to look at each project and/or client problem uniquely. Ritoban has worked with numerous renowned brands over the years and helped them build their digital marketing tactics and strategies. A go-getting attitude and always hungry to learn and evolve with each digital platform has been Ritoban’s mantra. He likes to experiment and challenge his strategies to bring the best out of himself with every client project.

In his free time, Ritoban likes to create content and is an amateur photographer by hobby. He is a traveler and likes exploring new places and is always up for an adventure.