The Aesthetic Coaches’ Quarter is a spicy, new podcast featuring an international cast of five experts - educating medical aesthetic business owners and representatives in the industry on best business practices and ways to make you & your clinic stand out. At only a quarter of an hour to debate, you can’t afford to miss these valuable 15-minute opinion battles where the end result is always pure gold!

Episode 31: Picking The Right Technology For Your Clinic

Tough Choice! Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe… you’re the laser I’m look’n fo…Choosing a technology for your Medical Aesthetic practice can be a daunting task. There are so many great technologies on the market, and everyone says theirs is the best!Capital equipment purchases are crazy expensive so you want to ensure you are making the right decision!

Episode 30: Clinic Events or Open Houses

Medical Aesthetic Clinics are famously known for hosting events. Open Houses, Patient Appreciations, VIP Galas & Purchasing Events, to name a few. Tune-in and get the skinny on hosting events that are rave-worthy and profitable! The Coaches have some serious tips to share! If you are looking for more on this topic, reach out to our Coaches for specific consulting in this area.

Episode 29: Building Clinic Protocols

Having treatment protocols in place is an undeniable key for success! Do you have outlined, specific treatment protocols for your clinic presently? If not… You will after you listen in to the gold that’s being cranked out in this episode.Tune-in as the coaches bring the heat on while your treatment protocols are directly linked to your clinic profits and your growth trajectory. Keep the episode requests coming!

Episode 28: The Dos and Don'ts of Being A Rep

Tune-in while the Coaches share the good, the bad and, the ugly! There are opinions flying from all directions on this one. Nathan, George and Leisa have all been (at one point in time) in “outside sales” positions within the Medical Aesthetic industry. Nick & Steph are on the ownership side of the fence, thus giving a well rounded look into this steamy topic.

Episode 27: Wild Card 5

The Coaches are thrown another surprise curveball! You guessed it! It is time for another Wild Card episode. Nick is bringing his A-game when it comes to these special edition episodes! How do we maximize patient results and what might we be missing?

Episode 26: Industry Pet Peeves

Holy guacamole! Another listener request. Nathan has the pleasure of moderating this spicy, flame-throwing episode! Who doesn’t have an annoyance they find particularly irritating from time-to-time? Nothing feels better than letting some steam out of the infuriation pot and these topics are definitely boiling over!

Episode 25: "How I Met My Spouse"

Out of all the listener requests that have come flooding in, this one is by far the most interesting. It turns out, listeners are starting to want a deeper look into the lives of our Coaches. That’s right, we are getting personal on our quarter episode! Don’t miss this hot & steamy episode where the Coaches spill the tea on how they met their spouses!

Episode 24: Keeping Staff Motivated

“How do I keep my staff motivated?” This popular topic is one that the Coaches get asked about on the regular. It’s easy to fall into the rut of coming to work every day for the “same old, same old”, which can become monotonous and start feeling like Groundhog Day. Things get spicy when George accuses Nathan of being mean and Nick joins the episode from the road. A lack of staff motivation can definitely take its toll on the business and kick the sh!t out of team morale so listen in for the deets!

Episode 23: "Newbie Nurses" Gaining Employment

This is a hard one… but we all need to start somewhere! The coaches give some great tips on getting into this industry when you are just starting out. This episode comes with some truth telling about the “elephant in the room” and a side of spice, as always. Tune in to get the pearls and some insight on what to do when you are a newbie.

Episode 22: Advertising

Advertising is crucial to the success of your Medical Aesthetics business! How do you do it? Where do you start? Do you have the budget to do it well? Tune-in to hear what pearls the coaches have to share on advertising for your Medical Aesthetic practice. Nick dominates the episode with his extensive background, giving pure gold to our listeners!

Episode 21: The Wild Card 4

Choosing a coach in the Medical Aesthetics Industry is not always easy! Tune-in to this spicy wild card episode to find out what the coaches have to say about picking a consultant and who to watch out for. Nick gets the coaches fired-up and you definitely don’t want to miss this one!

Episode 20: Staff Meetings

There are no two ways about it, team meetings are absolutely crucial! All successful practices do them. Are you doing them? How often? Is the entire staff expected to attend? Do the staff get paid for their time while attending staff meetings?

Episode 19: Charting, Reporting and Documentation

You just HAVE to do it! Charting & Documentation. Nick is fired up on this listener requested topic and the rest of the coaches are here for it! Especially George. The coaches speak from experience when it comes to working with “shoddy charters” and the grave consequences & repercussions it has.

Episode 18: Neiman's/Holt Renfrew vs Walmart

There are two schools of thought here that certainly have valuable and debatable points. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be average and everybody wants to be premium. What kind of practice are you? Which type of business model works best? Tune-in while the coaches debate the pros and cons of quantity over quality when it comes to aesthetic treatments.

Episode 17: Before and After Photos

George joins the team from the airport and Leisa gets fired up to give lazy staff the boot! Tune in to this dynamite episode and listen to the coaches weigh in on the importance of before & after pictures, and different ways to utilize them for success in your practice! A great episode for the entire cosmetic practice to listen to. Actually, let’s be real, they all are!

Episode 16: When & How to Fire a Patient

We have had multiple requests for this topic and it’s for a good reason. This one is a MUST listen! Join the Coaches for a spicy round of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to timing and how to fire a patient. Keeping toxic patients in your practice will erode the foundation of your business and royally cheese off your staff.  Don’t miss this killer episode and tune in for what the Coaches recommend to do with this touchy situation.

Episode 15: The Wild Card 3

Nick is at it again with another Wild Card! Transitioning from a consultation into a treatment plan. You’ve got the patient in the door. They are excited for moving forward with you as their service provider. Now what? It’s time for those key transition steps that take place to ensure success!

Episode 14: Refining the Patient Consult

One of the biggest pillars for success in an aesthetic practice, is the art of the consultation. Consultations are where you get the opportunity to identify how you can best support a long-term relationship with your patient. Being able to deliver a kick-ass consultation will turn your patients into raving fans while you watch your clinic schedule fill up!

Episode 13: Perfecting the Patient Journey

The “patient journey” is a key differentiator when it comes to which clinic the patient chooses to spend their hard earned luxury dollars with. Having an exceptional patient experience will set you apart from your competition and create raving fans who will be more than willing to sing your praises. We all know how important third-party validation is when it comes to patient acquisition and referrals, so listen in!

Episode 12: The Wild Card 2

It is time for another Wild Card episode. Nick is coming in hot with this one at your request! This episode is all about PRICING and doing it right!

How to avoid price gouging, under-cutting other clinics and creating that unfortunate Race to the Bottom. There are so many schools of thought when it comes to discounts, deals, value-adds and charging top dollar. Listen in while the coaches deliver pure gold on this important topic.

Episode 11: Neuromodulators by the area or by the unit?

This is a common industry question and one on which the coaches have received many requests. So, what needs to be considered when deciding how to price neuromodulators in your aesthetic practice?

The industry is a bit divided on this one, and for good reason! Tune-in and get some great insights into what our coaches feel is the best position to take . Do you believe it should be priced by area or by units?

Episode 10: Spouses Working Together

The coaches discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly on working with your spouse or family. Working with family members can be disastrous and most times just flat-out-difficult to pull-off or to do well.

The Trvdik’s do it well and they give tips & tricks to making this work, while Nathan, George and Leisa have their own views on this less than desirable option.

Episode 9: Retail Reality Check

Grab your extinguishers folks, the coaches are on fire with this topic! Retail for medical professionals can sometimes be foreign territory. The coaches are here to help!

-What percentage of your revenue should be retail products in your clinic?
-How important is retail for your business?
-How important is retail for patient satisfaction and results?
-How do we educate patients on retail products?
-Selling vs Educating?

Have a pen & paper ready to take some notes on this one! You don’t want to miss it!

Episode 8: The Competition

Dust off your gloves and get ready to talk about the competition.  This is an interesting topic that always turns many heads.  Tune in to hear what the coaches have to say about the Competition!!

Episode 7: The Wild Card

Nick Tvrdik surprises the coaches with a wild card round.  The topic surprises everyone but the coaches impress as always.

Episode 6: Onboarding

We have talked about training, we have talked about giving staff the boot, we have talked about the importance of  staff attire or uniforms! Now we take on the topic of onboarding staff. Leisa and the Power Couple spice things up in this episode as always leaving Nathan & George to fill in the gaps. Enjoy.

Episode 5: Staff uniforms

This spicy episode our coaches discuss and at times argue (Nathan & George) about the importance or not importance of staff uniforms in clinic. This Episode is one not to miss.

Episode 4: To incentivize or not? That is the question

Money, money, money! Commission and bonuses? Listen in as our team debates whether clinic owners should reward high achievers or reward the staff as a whole.

Episode 3: Staff training

Spice alert! Buckle in for this one as the coaches discuss the importance of staff training for your clinic and where you might be falling short.

Episode 2: Accountability and giving the boot

You’re fired! It’s not always easy being the boss, is it? Our experts discuss staff accountability and when the right time to fire a staff member might be.

Episode 1: Should staff pay for treatments?

On this episode our coaches discuss the hot topic of whether staff should pay for treatments. Free treatments for staff? Discounted? Full price? Listen as our experts debate to help you decide which path is right for you.


Nathan Strom

George Scandalis

Leisa Krauss

Nick Tvrdik

Steph Tvrdik

Another great initiative to better the medical esthetic industry by the amazing Nathan Strom and George Scandalis!
Vanessa Wingrad
Loving this podcast! If you haven't listened you should!
Amazing advice!! Can't agree more on all counts.
Vitality Camrose