Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Nathan & George are strong believers that every individual can make subtle changes to the way they approach their business to guarantee success.

Having the ability to understand where to spend your energy in regard to personal & professional development is a difficult task. Being expected to be a healthcare provider, business owner, mentor, educator and wear many more hats in your business makes it hard to take a step back and analyze your business from a critical/constructive place.

Nathan & George have had huge success across North America working with business owners making subtle tweaks to their approach on all situations to help them progress positively with more interactions in their daily personal and professional life. All this using their “Confidence Scale” Philosophy below.

Nathan & George then coach you and your staff members on how to apply the “Confidence Scale” to areas of your business below for ultimate success.

I've been working with the Revenue Doctors twice a month for 5 months now and each time we speak, I feel so relieved to have them in my corner. They've not only helped me with important decisions for my medspa, they've helped me avoid making so many unnecessary mistakes! I am so much more confident that my new business will succeed, and they're also so fun and relatable - just an amazing addition to my team!!

Dr. Abby Jakob