Our Portfolio:

Dr. Alison Young

Young Dermatology - Seattle, WA

I feel very fortunate to meet Nathan and George at The Revenue Doctors. I am very blessed to be able to work with them! They are charismatic, dynamic, creative and innovative. What I love most about their marketing approach is their ability to bring out the best in their clients and focus on authentic and genuine content. I really appreciate their honesty and depth of understanding of who I am.

As a business owner, I am learning a lot from Nathan and George. They have opened my eyes to what marketing really should do for my practice. In many ways, a new startup is riddled with many uncertainties especially in the midst of a pandemic. I feel empowered and reassured by Nathan and George as they represent me well and accurately. I am impressed by their balance of sophistication and practicality. Where appropriate, they are able to present the boutique side of my practice, without losing the emphasis on science. Without losing the importance of refined details, they understand that simplicity and elegance make more of a statement. Mike, their new team member, is a whiz at social media and website. His work is just beautiful. He is able to quickly ramp up search engine optimization for my website, within a short period of a few months. Our online presence has been well received by many, even if we are still so new.



"Just wanted to thank you and your team! You did an amazing job, went over and beyond my expectations. You guys are professionals, I really hope we can continue this partnership for a long long time! Love you guys"

Jean-François St-amour